webbased java projects
  1. Toward Broadcast Reliability in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks with Double Coverage. (A New TCP for Persistent Packet Reordering).
  2. Multicast Routing with Delay and Delay Variation Constraints for Collaborative Applications on Overlay Networks.
  3. Dynamic Load Balancing Distributed System in The Presence of Delays: A Regeneration Theory Approach.
  4. Discriminative Learing and Recognition of Image set classes Using Canonical Correlation.
  5. Provably Secure Three -Party Authenticated Quantum Key Distribution Protocols.
  6. Randomized Protocol for Duplicate Elimination in Peer-to-Peer Storage System.
  7. OCGRR (A New Scheduling Algorithm For DifferentiatedServices Networks.
  8. A Fully Distributed Proactively Secure Threshold-Multisignature Scheme.
  9. Efficient Approximate Query Processing in Peer-to-Peer Networks.
  10. A New TCP For Persistent Packet Reordering.
  11. Face Recognition Using Laplacianfaces.
  12. A Parallel Approach to XML Parsing.
Network Based Desktop Proj On Java
  1. Intruder Detection System over Abnormal Internet Sequence.
  2. Re-ordering of packets using Retransmission Timer.
  3. Multi Threading Interactive Client Chat.
  4. Self-Interested Routing in Online Environments.
  5. Multi-Purpose Java Instant Messaging Tool.
  6. Securable Network In Three-Party Protocols.
  7. Multi User Chatting System.
  8. Multithreaded TCP Network Server.
  9. Hyper_File_Sharing.
  10. Project Status Information System.
  11. Pro-net_Communication.
  12. Asynchronous Transfer Mode.
  13. Desktop Video Conference.
  14. Network Administrator Tool.
  15. Filters Management System.
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